Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 3, 4 & 5

The last three days found me not physically hungry, but rather wanting to eat many different things. Something triggers the thought and memory or a certain food eaten and it goes on for a while. I call them "string thoughts". For example, on Day 3 I made mint MSM lemonade. The mint reminded me that my Noni makes her meatballs using mint... Now, I can live without meatballs, but I couldn't stop thinking about how absolutely delicious they are that I must have one...when I am done juicing...

Anyway, I have this obsession with food thoughts right now. Tuna melts, meatballs, lasagna, french fries, Thai food, lumpia... I can keep going. On Day 5 (yesterday afternoon) I entertained just going to Chick-Fil-A and getting loads of criss-cut fries. In my mind I was thinking I could suck on them until they dissolve. Trying to justify the out-of-no-where craving, I figured it wouldn't technically be 'eating'. During the same five minutes of almost taking action, I had made a Starbucks run for a "Venti Ice Water ~ extra ice" (my beverage of choice ;)) I had to buy something so I didn't look like a cheap-o. I decided my daughter could have the double fudge brownie (with all the extra white sugar). I seriously thought for a second I might buy all five that were on the display dish. I didn't. I didn't even look at the brownie I bought her. Not a sniff. Nothing. Very proud of myself during my weak moment on Day 5 juicing.

Speaking of juicing. I haven't done well with getting even close to what I need the last three days. I couldn't get my mouth to accept any liquid green. I felt nauseated at the thought. The smell of green made me feel ill. I decided to just listen to my body. Not force it down. So, I made MSM lemonade. Doing this, I also realized that honey and maple syrup are no where near appealing either (for the Master Cleanse lemonade). I have been using Stevia. That's the only thing that tastes okay as a sweetener.

I can't say that I have had any major detox symptoms. I had a strange wave-like sensation in my left ear for a few minutes. Never had that before. Also, the area between my shoulders and going up my neck have been sore. Extremely sore to the touch and even on Day 3, I had some restricted neck movement. It makes totally sense as they (the Juice Feasting experts) say that in cleansing and detox one will notice that we work backwards while healing ~ starting with the last injury. We heal from the Top down, inside out and in the revers order. I see this in the soreness and sensations that I have been observing. It's interesting and very promising. I am sure I will feel many things in my back ~ especially the neck area ~ as this has been a big issue for me the last 6 years.

In the evenings for Day 3 and Day 4 I felt slightly flu-like, but nothing major. Took enema and things were fine. Speaking of Enema, I haven't really been passing anything. I took Cascara Sagrada the evening of Day 4. Still nothing, which I am sure is lack of calories and really not enough water for a detox. I think the most notably interesting detox symptom I have seen was on Day 3: my urine had an interesting smell. It was cloudy and smelled like the white clear liquid (blood plasma) that comes out of healing sores...Hmmmm...Will have to check what that may mean. Overall, I am feeling better today (Day 6) and am drinking green. So, hopefully, I will see some change soon.

I lost seven pounds in the first five days. I don't expect it to be that dramatic the whole way through ~ as long as I get calories from my green juice.

Feeling amazing and not feeling physical hunger. I have been feeling confident that I can go 41 days. Though, I still have thoughts that I will not be 100% Raw Vegan when I finish. It may just be all the food thoughts that I think I don't want to give things up "FOREVER". But, we'll see if that changes after. I feel right this moment that HIGH RAW will be my goal.