Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day .5 Juice Ffeast

Let's just say today was my "practice day" for juicing on the Juice Feast. I started juicing too late in the day, so hunger took over and I (gasp) ate a mango...Also, had a bite of egg and falafel...So, today is Day .5. All was not lost though, as I learned that I need an hour and a half to get approx 4 quarts of juice (veggi's cleaned, juiced, and jarred).

I had an idea of what I was committing myself to when I decided to start this Feasting journey, I now just need to actualize it by forcing my self out of bed early enough in the morning to make it realistic. I don't want to say that I am not a morning person since there have been many phases in my life when I have enjoyed waking up with the sun and getting my day started early. ~ It's just that I enjoy being awake late into the evening as well...We'll see what happens as I continue down this path for the next month-and-a-half.


The primary reason I decided to Juice Feast was for clarity and connectedness. Clarity on many levels: spiritually, mentally, and physically. Detox is another main goal as well as some weight loss. I am hoping when I am done with my 41 days, that I find myself in state of balance and clarity in all the major aspects of life. More connected... That I will return to a High RAW ~ if not 100% RAW ~ lifestyle. Also, I am sure I will discover many interesting things about myself, the world around me, and others I love. I fully look forward to enjoying this journey and any challenges that arise!