Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Juice Fast/Feast No. 2


Similar to my first juicing adventure, this time will be a combined FAST and FEAST since my body refuses to allow that much in on a consistent basis...Some days I will FEAST on juice (4+ qts), others, I will FAST with less than 4 qts. Whatever my body wants. I am looking for continued and deeper clarity and connectedness. Clarity on many levels: spiritually, mentally, and physically. Detox is another main goal as well as weight loss (15 lbs). I want to go 41 days, but I am open to cutting it short or even going longer depending my body and my mind. The time frame for this fast will be mentally and emotionally challenging as it will go through the Holiday season. My last extended Juice Feast (Feb '10) I went 14 days. I felt I could have physically handled going on, but gave into the mental temptation. When this Fast/Feast is over, I intend to return to a High RAW lifestyle with some days or weeks being 100% RAW.